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Is Your Child Procrastinating With their Homework?

This year's fall semester is shorter than before - make sure they are up to speed - especially with their math homework!

Did you know that procrastination is considered a human weakness? We learn this behavior when we are young and if it is not addressed, it will continue to be an unhealthy habit, as we get older.

Why do kids procrastinate?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not to drive their parents crazy. Often, it is that the work may be difficult or time consuming, they may not understand what they are supposed to do and fearful of not completing the task correctly.

For example, students will wait until an open period before the class where homework is due to begin or do homework in class the day its due. Sometimes it is even while the teacher is going over the assigned problems! Or they wait until the night before a math packet is due to complete it, even thought they have had it for the last month.

Helping your child overcome these issues together is the key. Getting kids to change the way they approach their tasks, like homework, is important if they want to do well, especially in a tough class like math. This is one subject where you don’t want your high school student to fall behind.

This semester will be particularly challenging for students at Barrington High School. Fall semester finals will be given the week before winter break. (Previously semester exams have taken place three after winter break.)

This will require students to shift their mind set and remember that they don’t have that holiday time or even those extra weeks after winter break for teachers to do a review.

Now is the time to help your student stop procrastinating and start thinking about how to be prepared as the end of the semester is just a month away.

What are some ways that parents can help their students now?

The staff at Mathnasium of South Barrington recommends several options:

Homework Help

Students who need help with their homework and understanding specific material, can bring their homework into Mathnasium of South Barrington and have a tutor work though the problems and help explain it to them. This is on an as needed basis.

Study Sessions

Designed for students who want help with finals, other tests or their homework. They can be used at Mathnasium of South Barrington whenever needed.

Private Tutoring

Through scheduled sessions, students will get one on one private instruction. Mathnasium of South Barrington instructors will help them study for a test, learn the material and go over homework.

Any of these options will help your child stop procrastinating and get them the support they need.

Remember - most kids don’t actually hate math – they just don’t understand it!

For more information about the sessions offered and Mathnasium of South Barrington, please click here

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