In high school, students focus on higher math, mastering algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probability in preparation for high school exit exams, college placement exams, and standardized college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.




Students engage, one on one, in a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written exercises (click here to learn more) that cover (and surpass) state math standards as well as the recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the new Common Core State Standards. Basic math skills are blended with a program specifically designed to help students build number sense by showing them how numbers work.

Each student is evaluated with a written and verbal assessment unique to Mathnasium. Based on their assessment results, we assemble a tailored program just for them designed to close any educational gaps that they may have and jump ahead when they are ready for advanced math challenges. Mental math is emphasized.




Students that prepare for standardized tests such as the ISEE, SAT, ACT, high school entrance exams, and college placement exams at Mathnasium enjoy a substantial advantage over those who don't.




A detailed assessment of what you need to learn,
based on how you perform on the real test

One-size-fits-all curriculum based on the average student 

Individualized instruction designed around your
strengths and weaknesses, taught in a way that makes sense to you

Group teaching in a classroom setting 

As much time as you need to master the concepts

 Limited time regardless of your needs

As much supervised test-taking practice as you need

Limited supervised test-taking practice
Unique test-taking strategies available only at Mathnasium Standard strategies available in a wide range of test-taking textbooks

Flexible and convenient scheduling

Rigid, limited schedule

Learn from a math specialist

Mostly taught by multiple subject generalists

Proprietary program

Off-the-shelf textbooks also available in bookstores