LIVING60010 Advisory Board

No project this ambitious can be done alone or in a vacuum. It requires the efforts of a highly active citizenry. That is why we have reached out to a stellar group of citizens and community leaders that are just as passionate about our community as we are.

We are truly humbled and flattered that they have enthusiastically agreed to be a part of this journey and help guide us as we build this site to serve the expanding needs and interest of our community.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of individuals who have committed themselves to community service. They represent the best of our community. They also represent various sectors of our community. It is our belief that by being far reaching and inclusive we will ultimately achieve our goals of informing and activating the citizenry of 60010.

We will not only be guided by these individuals, but we will also be guided by YOU, the Living60010 Community. We hope that in the months ahead you, too, will take part in shaping this site. In the end, it was created to serve you.

We encourage your feedback, to share ideas and above all, stay engaged. Only then will we realize the promise of Living60010.


The Living60010 Advisory Board

Jeff Arnett


Dee Beaubien


Kim Burns


Gene Dawson


Kim Duchossois


JP Hills


Lauren Hills


Laura Horak


Kim Lee


Kathleen Leitner


Jay Morgan


David Nelson


Nick Sauer


Dede Wamberg