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4th of July Days: The Barrington Lions Brat Tent

The Barrington Lions Club once again hosted a highly successful 4th of July weekend event. It was the event's 31st anniversary.


Paul Launer's Iron Horse Brigade "PaulCam"

Ever wonder what the "Les Turner ALS Walk For Life" looked like from an ALS patient's perspective? Now you can with PaulCam.

This year, Paul Launer's Iron Horse Brigade became the most successful fundraising team in Chicago ALS Walk History, raiding over $140,000!  In total th event raised over $1.1 million dollars. It was a great day filled with HOPE in the ongoing fight to find a cure for ALS. Learn more about ALS by visiting the Les Turner ALS Foundation website.


The Riding Club of Barrington Hills & The Barrington Hills Polo Club Host 10th Annual Polo Event

The LeCompte/Kalaway Trail Owners Cup celebrates the special features of Barrington Hills that can be enjoyed by all ages!

Deer Park Towne Center Jazz Patio 2014

Headliners Jimmy Chamberlin and Frank Catalano interviewed along with Regina Verdico, Marketing Manager of the Deer Park Town Center.

Hope's In Style-Guatemala 2014

Hope's In Style wraps its week working in the Guatemala City dump community to bring hope to some of the 13,000 people living there. Three homes were built. Our makeshift medical clinics treated over 450 patients and we even hosted several soccer camps for children of the community. All work inspired by God. Learn more about the Guatemala City dump community and the organization trying to bring hope to these people:  Potter's House - Guatemala

Hope's In Style: Hosts a soccer camp 

The Hopes in Style team hosted several soccer camps for the children of the Guatemala City dump community.

The Hope's In Style Medical Clinic

During its week in Guatemala City the Hopes in Style medical team set up makeshift clinics in various places throughout the community. One of the location was in the dump itself. In total they were able to give care to 450 patients.

Hope's In Style: Laura teaches Brittany how to read English

Although Brittany did not know any English, we became very close in the time we spent together. She told me about her family, what she does on the weekends and then we began talking about school and the classes she takes. I went on to tell her how I take a class on mastering the Spanish language and culture and she expressed her interest in learning English. So with a tiny notebook we purchased at the Dollar Tree to utilize for crafts, Brittany and I made a mini Spanish to English "diccionario", or dictionary.

2014 Barrington Fourth of July Festival

This year's festival was bigger and better than ever.

2014 Barrington 4th of July Parade

LIVING60010 was there with its eye in the sky drone to capture the parade for you.

Tower Lakes Independence Day Canoe Race

Every Fourth of July, residents of Tower Lakes bring their families together to celebrate our nation's Independence with a host of annual traditions including, live music, Cookout, tug of war competitions on the beach and the highlight of the event, the famous canoe races. All of these holiday festivities come together to form a scene Norman Rockwell would find inspiring.

Inside the the New Barrington Area Library

LIVING60010 was there to cover the unveiling of the Barrington Area Library renovation.

2014 Relay for Life