About Pam Jacobs


The Jacobs Group is comprised of a team of local real estate professionals committed to selling some of the most desired homes in Chicago. Selling these "right addresses" is the mission of The Jacobs Group. Let us know what you're looking for. Please take advantage of the helpful tools on this website, including our exclusive Chicago Real Estate search, but also feel free to contact us personally.


Pam Jacobs is absolutely the best realtor anyone could ask for. The same applies to her team. Because of Pam's expertise and professionalism, our house sold quickly and at a price with which we were very satisfied. The entire process...from start to finish...was such a positive experience. Too, Pam's personal character added so much to our enjoyment of her being our realtor. She is an exceptional person and professional.


-Teri Bridge

Deer Park, IL (October 2014)

Pam is an excellent realtor. She is extremely knowledgeable on the various Chicago suburbs and the school districts within them. She took the time to learn our home necessities and then ruled out those that did not meet our expectations. When we found a home we wanted to see, Pam scheduled a showing that same day. Although Pam helped us find our home, she will be our realtor for our next home!


-Melissa Lundt

October 2014

The Jacobs team is exceptionally professional and well informed on the market dynamics of the Barrington area. They helped us get an offer, negotiated to an agreeable price, and then saw the whole thing through to closing. In our case it happened very quickly.


 - Mike Minton

Barrington, IL (September 2014)

I have used Pam Jacobs in several Real Estate transactions and have achieved successful results from her and her Team. I would highly recommend Pam to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

- Michael Carnrite

(September 2014)

My husband and I first met Pam in 2008 regarding the sale of our home, which had been on the market for over a year. We signed on with Pam and followed her advice about staging the home. Not only were we pleased that the house sold in a few days, we were very impressed by Pam’s knowledge of the market and prospective buyers.

When it came time to look for a realtor to help my parents relocate closer to my siblings and me, I immediately thought of Pam. Pam understood the dynamics of three siblings and their spouses all working together with elderly parents. She was extremely patient throughout the search. It was a very difficult time for my parents who had just sold a home they had lived in for forty years and were now trying to figure out what their next move would be. Pam talked to us about the options available to my parents—single family home, condo, townhouse, rental, assisted living, etc. After months of searching the available market with Pam, my parents found the perfect home. We were all very pleased with the patience and sensitivity Pam showed throughout the process.

Pam is a kind and patient person who is a terrific realtor because of her knowledge and understanding of both buyer and seller motivations as well as her ability to negotiate a contract.

- Patricia Filley

Deer Park, IL (May 2014)

The entire team works flawlessly to achieve success for you while you're trying to sell a house. Communication is the name of the game with them. Negotiations are professional and honest. Marketing is creative and makes you want to buy your own house. I don't think my appraisal would have come in at plan without Pam's detailed documentation. Tracy sits in the background coordinating all the activities. I would highly recommend them to everyone if you want to be successful selling or buying a house.

- Irene Ohagan

Deer Park, IL

Pam Jacobs is a realtor that goes above and beyond.  She had helped us look for homes before we even moved to the Chicago area.  My husband and I were transferred from Michigan to Barrington.  She and I had many phone conversations prior to our move and she sent listings that met our criteria.  We did not find a house before we moved so Pam worked with us to find a rental property to accommodate our family.  We wanted to make sure that Barrington was the right fit for us before purchasing a house.  Pam worked with us for almost 3 years before finding our dream home.  At no point during those 3 years, did my husband or I feel pressure to buy any house that was not "perfect" for us. 

After a long search, we narrowed it down to one neighborhood.  Of course, nothing was for sale.  Pam took the initiative to send out a letter to all the homes in the neighborhood to see if anyone was looking to sell their home.  The first round of letters went out and no one responded.  That did not stop Pam from trying again.  Six months later, we had 2 prospective homes in our dream neighborhood.  Pam met with each of the homeowners and did a great deal of research before giving us the specifics of each house.  Lucky for us, we found a home and started the buying process.  Pam helped us find our dream home and she never gave up until our sale was complete. 

As home buyers, Pam fought for us the whole way.  I highly recommend Pam and the Jacobs Group to everyone out there!  No one will fight harder or give you the honest truth like Pam and her team.  I never would have thought that my realtor would become a friend but Pam is a great friend to our family. 

- Lisa and Nate Lewis

Barrington, IL


Pam and her group are amazing! She walked us through each step of the home buying process, was extremely attentive to our needs, and helped us a find a great home in a short period of time. Her network and references have all been wonderful to work with and responsive as well. I can't recommend her highly enough and feel very fortunate to have had her as our realtor.

- Derrell Wright

Lombard, IL

Where do I start?!

 Well my lifelong dream of having the horses in my backyard is finally a reality because of Pam's hardworking, dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, talented personality. She truly is the best, and she never gave up on me, my kids and my dream! Not only did she sell my home, she took me to see EVERY piece of horse property in Barrington until I found the perfect farm, my Forever Farm!

 Pam and Chuck are a great team and are perfectionists! When I started the journey, my life was ever changing! They didn't give up once!

 Pam knows the market, homes' true values, and totally paid attention to my and my children's needs. Pam made sure I got the most money for my house and made sure I got the most for my money with our new farm. She made sure that I wasn't in over my head, being a single mom with 3 kids-2 in college.

 Not only do I have the BEST Realtor, I have the best friend! She is the most true, sincere, kind person you will ever meet! She gives you her all and her best every day. She goes above and beyond for her clients and I will recommend her always!

 - Maria Freda

Barrington, IL

Pam and Chuck Jacobs are truly a great real estate team.  Chuck is the" behind the scenes" technical half making one's property look amazing and ensuring that the Jacob's Group is on top of the latest in technology, marketing and all things dealing with the computer aspects of real estate.  Pam is the vivacious "ball of fire" who is constantly networking with her clients and in the community to help families sell their homes and or find new homes that fit their specific needs.

Most importantly, Pam and Chuck became friends of our family, helping not only my husband and myself relocate in the community, a number of years ago, but also going above and beyond helping our children find wonderful homes in the village of Barrington.

THE JACOB'S GROUP truly cares about specializing and meeting the needs of each individual or family, by making sure that they are purchasing the best location and home for their particular price point.  They are a wonderful, extraordinarily team who really look after the families they serve.

 - Nancy Marks

Barrington Resident

My girlfriend and I used Pam Jacobs to help us search for our new home. Pam was very helpful and patient with us, considering we were first time home buyers. We had our hearts set on a specific neighborhood, and had certain listings picked out to look at. We currently live in our dream house, and it was one we didn't even find! With her knowledge of the market and location, Pam had found our house near a listing we wanted to see, and the rest is history. We could not have done this without her and recommend her to all our friends looking for a new home.

 - Nick Martinez